Source Code

  • Regionally Homogeneous Perturbations
    Regional Homogeneity: Towards Learning Transferable Universal Adversarial Perturbations Against Defenses, Preprint
    (Transferable Universal Adversarial Examples for Attacking Defense Models)

  • Attraction Field Map
    Learning Attraction Field Reprensentation for Robust Line Segment Detection, CVPR 2019
    (Region coloring for line segment detection)

  • Adversarial Metric Attack and Defense
    Metric Attack and Defense for Person Re-identification, Preprint

  • Ghost Networks
    Learning Transferable Adversarial Examples via Ghost Networks, Preprint

  • RS-Rainbow
    Learn to Interpret Atari Agents, Preprint

  • Proposal Cluster Learning
    PCL: Proposal Cluster Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection, TPAMI 2019
    (A weakly supervised object detection network)

  • Diffusion Process on Tensor Product Graph
    Regularized Diffusion Process on Bidirectional Context for Object Retrieval, TPAMI 2019
    Ensemble Diffusion for Retrieval, ICCV 2017
    (A generic framework of tensor product diffusion for object retrieval)

  • GIFT: 3D Shape Retrieval
    GIFT: A Real-time and Scalable 3D Shape Search Engine, CVPR 2016
    GIFT: Towards Scalable 3D Shape Retrieval, TMM 2017
    (The 2D projections of ModelNet dataset used in this work can be downloaded HERE)

  • Sparse Contextual Activation
    Sparse Contextual Activation for Efficient Visual Re-ranking, TIP 2016
    (Improve your retrieval or person re-identification algorithms with a few lines of code)

  • DeepPano: 3D Shape Recognition
    DeepPano: Deep Panoramic Representation for 3D Shape Recognition, SPL, 2015