Source Code

  • Adversarial Metric Attack
    Adversarial Metric Attack for Person Re-identification, Preprint

  • Ghost Networks
    Learning Transferable Adversarial Examples via Ghost Networks, Preprint

  • RS-Rainbow
    Learn to Interpret Atari Agents, Preprint

  • Proposal Cluster Learning
    PCL: Proposal Cluster Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection, TPAMI 2019
    (A weakly supervised object detection network)

  • Diffusion Process on Tensor Product Graph
    Regularized Diffusion Process on Bidirectional Context for Object Retrieval, TPAMI 2019
    (A generic framework of tensor product diffusion for object retrieval)

  • GIFT: 3D Shape Retrieval
    GIFT: A Real-time and Scalable 3D Shape Search Engine, CVPR 2016
    GIFT: Towards Scalable 3D Shape Retrieval, TMM 2017
    (The 2D projections of ModelNet dataset used in this work can be downloaded HERE)

  • Sparse Contextual Activation
    Sparse Contextual Activation for Efficient Visual Re-ranking, TIP 2016
    (Improve your retrieval or person re-identification algorithms with a few lines of code)

  • DeepPano: 3D Shape Recognition
    DeepPano: Deep Panoramic Representation for 3D Shape Recognition, SPL, 2015